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Please contact us, whether it’s for information, guidance, an appointment, a listening ear or a chat, we are here.

Our doors are still open for essential services including:
• Childcare Services
• Counselling services
• Printing, Photocopying and secretarial services to job seekers, people working remotely or students.
• Food Cloud Service
• 1-1 online IT supports
• Welfare rights and Information service
• 1-1 family support

Watch out for future posts as we extend or restrict our services based on public health guidelines .We will continue to provide services to our community during this we will be in house and remotely monitoring & returning emails/calls Mon-Fri as below:

Family Support: 087 360 5595
Youth Services: 087 360 559
Childcare: 0871719320
REaD Courses: 0870985706
CE Scheme: 0852569680
General Queries: 0852569680 / 0876594460
Welfare Queries: 0852569680 / 0876594460


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Have your say in our next 5 year Strategic Plan! !Please complete our survey and have a say in what services you would like us to keep going at SWWFRC or would like to see at our centre Follow this link. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SWWFRCSURVEYFB

Thanking you in advance.



Counselling Services Fundraiser

South West Wexford FRC (SWWFRC)

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In the last few weeks long standing and committed volunteer at SWWFRC Jack Butler from Fethard on Sea, has been actively promoting and selling postcards in the community to support low cost counselling services at SWWFRC.

Jack has used his fabulous photographic and graphic work to put together a pack of 6 beautiful original professional images highlighting Hook Lighthouse from various angles and moods.

The 6 pack of postcards are available for €5 only at local post offices in Fethard, Ramsgrange, Campile, the Tourist Office in Duncannon and The Brandon House Hotel in New Ross.

Quote- Jack who has been Chairperson at SWWFRC  and a volunteer for over 14 years said ‘ I know from volunteer work with SWWFRc how valuable these low cost counselling services are to local people in my area. Over the years the services have helped people with bereavement, separation, grief and loss and SWWFRC only gets a very small amount of funding annually to do this work. Every other penny is donations or fundraising and I know how income for SWWFRC has been so affected by Covid 19 so I just wanted to play my part in supporting the services to keep going’.

Quote – Sharon Kennedy, Company Manager SWWFRC ‘We are so lucky to have volunteers like Jack in our community who recognise the struggles we have as a Charity in maintaining such essential services like Counselling in these pandemic Times. We are so appreciative of the money he has raised with these beautiful set of postcards and thankful to everyone in the community too who has bought them and everyone that will buy them. We want the public to know that every penny raised will go to helping local people with counselling services here in the South West Wexford Area.

SWWFRC continues to provide in house counselling by a qualified counsellor to local people in a controlled environment at SWWFRC , The Ramsgrange Centre. Sessions acan also take place via phone call or Zoom

Please call Emma on 087 360 5595 or 051 389 418 for more information.

All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence

Anyone interested in buying more postcards can contact Jack via Facebook or by email at 1jackbutler@gmail.com.


12th January 2021

  • Good Evening everyone.

Here is a little update from us here at SWWFRC.

We are thinking of everyone in our community during this time  & we have spent the last few days considering some changes to the ways we can support you & yours. Under the new restrictions again we have to severely minimise the number of people coming into the Centre & our community.

We are continuing our work in various remote ways at this time,  learning, experimenting, failing, trying and making things work as best we can for the moment! If you think of other ways we could be working, or things you would like to see us do, please just let us know!

But, we are still here; at the end of the phone or an email to support you as best we can

Please contact us, whether it’s for information, guidance, a listening ear or a chat, we are here.

We all know it won’t be easy and that we need to work together to ensure we stay safe.

This month is one where as a community we really feel the loss of social connection and respect the fragility and gift of life . Although for most people being in isolation, social distancing or cocooning is difficult, we need to make the most of it for our well-being.  We need to have a start, middle and end to our days, we need to be able to live our life not just exist through this.

Listen to the birds, feel the heat of the sun and the cold of the breeze, watch the bees and the butterflies.

Our doors may be closed to the public but we are still open for essential services including:

  • Remote Counselling services
  • QQI Online courses
  • Printing, Photocopying and secretarial services. Just Email us on reception@swwfrc.ie and we will leave your request outside in our community collection box.
  • Food Cloud Service
  • 1-1 online IT supports
  • Welfare rights and Information service
  • 1-1 family support
  • In house Childcare Services for Essential Workers and Remote learning services to Sugradh Childcare Centre registered children and families.

Watch out for future posts as we extend or restrict our services based on public health guidelines .

Stay Safe Everyone!







17th December 2020

Dear Friends of SWWFRC,


In light of recent Covid 19 Developments in the Ramsgrange area and after careful consideration we are regrettably suspending our services from Today 17th December at 5pm to January 11th 2021 in order to support the continuing efforts in the community to reduce transmission of this virus and contain its effects. Of course we appreciate that families may be inconvenienced and disappointed , as we are too. Nonetheless we remain firm in our decision for the care of our staff and the parents, children and vulnerable adults who use our services.


2020 and this current crisis has shone a light on how we can all work together as a community to support each other in difficult times and we would like to acknowledge that this pandemic has affected us all – some much more than others- particularly those who are isolating and who have lost loved ones. It has left few of us unchanged.


For those families who are currently experiencing isolation we urge you to reach out and contact Wexford Community Helpline number 053-9196000 – 1 if you are in need and are looking for basic services such as delivery of food or meals, or transport for essential trips. We will continue to post more helpline numbers in the coming days and offer whatever support we can during this difficult time.


Now is the time for neighbours friends and family to rally and support each other and do their bit to keep each other safe so that hopefully we can begin 2021 with hope .


We would like to wish all our patrons and friends a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new Year and urge you to stay safe as we look forward to seeing you again in 2021.





23rd October 2020 

👋Good Morning everyone.👋
As we welcome the level 5 restrictions into our lives, here at SWWFRC we have spent the last few days considering some changes to the ways we can support you & yours.
Under the new restrictions we have to minimise the number of people coming into the Centre & our community. 😷
But, we are still here; at the end of the phone or an email to support you as best we can🙏😊
Please contact us, whether it’s for information, guidance, an appointment, a listening ear or a chat, we are here.
🌾We all know it won’t be easy and that we need to work together to ensure we stay safe. 🌱
Our doors are still open for essential services including:
• Childcare Services
• Counselling services
• QQI Online courses
• Printing, Photocopying and secretarial services to job seekers, people working remotely or students.
• Food Cloud Service
• 1-1 online IT supports
• Welfare rights and Information service
• 1-1 family support
Watch out for future posts as we extend or restrict our services based on public health guidelines .

30th June 2020

🤗Hi everyone🤗

Well it would be safe to say we really have been keeping super busy everyday this month making changes to The Ramsgrange Centre, and it just seems to be getting busier daily as we draw closer to re-opening our doors for business.

So , we are delighted to announce that SWWFRC will be extending our services at The Ramsgrange Centre from Monday July 6th (with certain restrictions).

We are genuinely excited to get back to a bit of normality and structure and to continue doing what we are good at, having a strong focus on developing resilient children, families and community. Covid19 has brought with it many challenges. No one could have predicted the impact it would have on our daily lives. We’re feeling excited to welcome you all back safely and gradually.

👶Sugradh Childcare Centre👶 will reopen on Monday and all staff are excited to welcome back the parents and children to their very safe if somewhat different looking childcare rooms. Check out our pages later this week for a video tour of the facilities! 😉😉

👇Our reception services will be open to the public for printing, photocopying and Internet access from 10 am to 12 noon and 2 pm – 4 pm daily and other times by appointment with staff.

Counselling & Family Support Services are available by remote telephone /email supports or appointment as necessary . Call Emma on 087-3605595 for more information.

The Community Cafe , Fusion Cafe and our Education and Training Services will also resume and reignite and open gradually in the next phase of our Return to Work Plan and we will keep you posted on dates for these developments here as we extend services in the coming months. We also hope to be able to welcome back our social inclusion groups from Mid September onwards all going well with the Government Road map for reopening business.

All our staff have completed their Covid Induction Training & we have taken all necessary precautions with expert guidance from cleaning and health & safety consultants to ensure all public health guidelines are being followed at The Ramsgrange Centre.

A huge thank you to all those people who helped prepare for the extension & reopening of our services.

A special thanks to the staff who have worked relentlessly since March 12th behind the scenes going that extra mile to keep existing and new services running & supporting families during this pandemic.




MAY 27TH 2020
Please see the short video ABOVE from the VisitNewRoss boys above , illustrating how here at SWWFRC we have continued to work behind closed doors since March 12th to connect with our rural community using creative and innovative tools to reach out to families, children teens and older people in our community to let them know we are still here for them supporting them with information , newsletters  and leaflets to support their mental health and wellbeing and parenting during this difficult time.

We hope you enjoy it !

Watch out in the coming weeks for some more to come on our reopening works @our facebook page 😉   https://www.facebook.com/swwfrc/


REVISED 20TH March 2020


In response to the COVID-19 virus, South West Wexford Family Resource Centre (SWWFRC) is working diligently to maintain a safe work environment and protect the health and well-being of our staff and children and families in our community. We are aware that this is a very stressful and difficult time for some families but we want to reassure you that our services are still available to offer support to anyone who needs it. As such, we have determined that for the foreseeable future we will work to offer the following limited services to our community during these trying times.

SWWFRC staff members will be working remotely in an effort to keep our operations running smoothly and continue to provide services to our community during this time.  Therefore, please be aware that effective March 16th 2020:

  • We have cancelled all classes, meetings, events & group activities at The Ramsgrange Centre.
  • Offices are closed & we will be remotely monitoring & returning emails/calls Mon-Fri as below
Services Time Contact Phone Email Address
Family Support 10:00-2:00pm 087 360 5595 familysupport@swwfrc.ie
Counselling As Agreed 086 155 0115. familysupport@swwfrc.ie
Youth Services 10:00-2:00pm 087 360 5595 fusion@swwfrc.ie
Childcare 9.00-5.00pm 0871719320 childcare@swwfrc.ie
REaD Courses 10:00-2:00pm 0870985706 read@swwfrc.ie
CE Scheme 9.00-5.00pm 0852569680 cecoordinator@swwfrc.ie
Administration Queries 10:00-2:00pm 087-9348934 admin@swwfrc.ie
General Queries 10:00-2:00pm 0852569680/0876594460 manager@swwfrc.ie
Welfare Queries 10:00-2:00pm 0852569680/0876594460 cecoordinator@swwfrc.ie

We will continue to monitor guidance from health officials over the next few weeks and send updates to our Website and Facebook pages. If you have any additional questions, please contact our offices.   Stay Safe. Management SWWFRC.


Today Wednesday 5th February our Early Years Practitioners from Sugradh Childcare Centre are making history.

They are taking part in the biggest Early Years protest Ireland has ever seen.

Thousands of educators, providers, parents and students are coming together today to send a clear message: fix the Early Years crisis.

The Early Years sector is in crisis.

Pay is low, fees are high and many services are struggling with sustainability.

With Election 2020 we have an opportunity to make Early Years a priority for all political parties and politicians.
You can help make this happen by asking these questions when you candidates call.

1. Do you support a Living Wage for Early Years educators in 2020 as a first step towards professional pay scales, and will you fund it?

2. Will you support increased funding for Early Years from the current 0.2% of GDP to the EU average of 0.8%?

3. What steps will your party take to establish a streamlined inspection process with a graded compliance system?

4. Do you support a streamlined inspection process?



31st Janaury 2020

For when the election candidates call to your door can you have a read of this pledge for continued support for your local FRC , SWWFRC.

Every family is different, which is why we at SWWFRC and other FRC’s provide tailored support services.

We support communities from cradle to grave & from every background.

We can’t compromise on that, so we’re asking #GE2020 candidates to pledge to protect the autonomy & unique service model of FRCs.

Give a thought for a more Sustainable Christmas 2019
South West Wexford Family Resource Centre
Some photos taken at our TUSLA Public Awareness Day today as visitors took part in our book and bake sale, enjoyed our community talks and information stands and children from the Ramsgrange local national school children delighted in being involved in face-painting and origami sessions in Fusion Youth Cafe.

Sugradh Childcare Centre children and staff also took part in decorating our entrance area with their own bright painted faces. They also continued to creating a colorful Friendship Tree, a vibrant “MY WORLD TRIANGLE” mural and a motley of childrens hand-prints from all the childcare rooms.

South West Wexford Family Resource Centre (SWWFRC)

Press Release,

       SWWFRC Public Awareness Event

On Tuesday September 18th 2018 South West Wexford Family Resource Centre (SWWFRC) will host a public awareness event to highlight the work of SWWFRC in supporting localised family supports and services to the community of South West Wexford.

The aim of the event is to proactively inform children and parents about SWWFRC’s services, supported through funding from TUSLA under the high quality Family Resource Centre Programme. We hope that highlighting our services will result in an increased awareness of available family supports at SWWFRC and that there is subsequent take up of these services ensuring less families fall through systematic gaps in service provision and that families and children are safe from harm.

Our Family Support Services are for families and individuals who need help. Family life is not always easy . Life events like birth, death, depression, redundancy , separation , illness abuse or financial problems all put stress and strain on family life and relationships. Our family support services can help . Simply having someone to talk to about your problems can be the easiest way to begin to deal with your problem . Your concerns can be dealt with in confidence by our trained personnel who will give the appropriate support , advice and help.

Currently family support work @ SWWFRC addresses the needs of local families in supporting them to access childcare facilities and supports, community based youth work, provision of facilities and services for young people, local community services, counselling, sign-posting for information and delivery of education and training services locally and affordably in their own community @ The Ramsgrange Centre.

The Public Awareness Event which is taking place in The Ramsgrange Centre, Ramsgrange, New Ross, Co Wexford  will run from 10am-4.30pm. The focus of the event builds on the idea of the TUSLA Public Awareness Week (PAW) Sept 17th-23rd 2018 but ours aims to be a more local affair, bringing together a variety of activities and information stands inviting parent and child participation.

Talks for Parents and Community Members on the day will be from Jackie Crowley, (Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist and Health Coach) . Jackie will speak at 10.15am – 11.15am  on the 18th in our Therapy Room on “How to Boost the Immune System coming into the Winter Months”.

In the afternoon we are also pleased to welcome Sally T. Griffiths , Centre Manager of Pieta House, Francis Street in Wexford. Sally will speak to community members in our Therapy Room at 3.30pm – 4.30pm on the services at Pieta House , its location an facilities , what they do and how they can work with and also to answer any questions people might have on services.

TUSLA Staff will also attend our Information Stand Area providing information on their range of professional and highly effective solutions for family support, as part of their Prevention Partnership and Family Support Programme (PPFS). The Prevention, Partnership and Family Support (PPFS) Programme is a comprehensive programme of early intervention and preventative work which has been undertaken by Tusla as the best way to improve outcomes for children to resolve problems and prevent harm.

Other information stands will include up to date information on the range of Training courses being offered by our Education and Training Department (REaD) from September ; information on The Glor Project which is a TUSLA funded Initiative to work with Young People through one to one interventions and developmental group which will bring sustainable improvements for them, their families and the communities in which they live.  Our Family Support Worker Denise Farrell will also be available on the day to talk with Parents and Families on our range of supports in including “Home Care Management”, “Budgeting and Family Finance “ and “Parenting Skills”.

In our main activity room from 10am -1pm we will host a “Bake and Book Sale” in aid of counselling Services @ SWWFRC alongside a coffee morning in our local community Café for all to enjoy. This event will organised with support from the ladies in our St Louis Stitchers Group and the Shelbourne Women’s group, The Parents of the Ramsgrange Parent and Toddler Group and parents using Sugradh Childcare Centre and we would like to thank them all in advance for this support. All other Donations Welcome also from the community however and can be dropped into The Ramsgrange Centre before next Tuesday!!!!

Children from the local Primary School and in the SWWFRC Sugradh Childcare Centre will be treated to a Free Face Painting session by local community artist Johanna Brady and Johanna will also deliver an art session to local primary school children on this morning. For older youth our Fusion Youth Café will welcome the Transition Year Students from The Ramsgrange Community School to a 2 hour “hang out time “ session where they can enjoy games of darts, pool table tennis, play station and refreshments.

So gather some family or friends, take a trip up to see us @ SWWFRC and see what we have available here for you and your family. Buy some cakes , have a cuppa, enjoy a book , get dunking and support our local fundraising  and hopefully on the day you can get familiar with our services and supports by meeting our staff whilst enjoying that refreshing morning cuppa with friends and family.






SWWFRC currently has vacancies on our community employment scheme for 2 youth workers to work @ Fusion Youth Cafe and assist our family support services.


The crieria for qualifying for this scheme are based on age and length of time in receipt of various social welfare payments.




Please contact reception@swwfrc.ie for an application form if you are interested in these positions.



Youth work has been enhancing the lives of young people and adults in Ireland for more than 100 years. It was given formal statutory recognition in the Youth Work Act 2001, which defines youth work as:

A planned programme of education designed for the purpose of aiding and enhancing the personal and social development of young people through their voluntary involvement, and which is complementary to their formal, academic or vocational education and training and provided primarily by voluntary youth work organisations.

Youth work is above all an educational and developmental process, based on young people’s active and voluntary participation and commitment. It is often defined as ‘non-formal education’. Youth work is for all young people, with particular focus on those aged 10 to 25 from all aspects of Irish life, urban, rural, all nationalities and social classes. Youth work is provided primarily by voluntary organisations, with statutory support from the Department of Education and Skills and the Education and Training Boards.

Our vision is for all of our young people to have ambition for themselves, to be confident individuals, effective contributors, successful learners and responsible citizens; and to be nurtured, safe, active, healthy, achieving, included, respected and responsible. We believe that youth work has a significant role to play in realising this vision for young people.

The purpose of youth work:
•To build young people’s self-esteem and self-confidence;
•To develop their ability to manage personal and social relationships;
•To offer worthwhile and challenging new experiences;
•To provide learning opportunities to enable young people to gain knowledge and develop new skills;
•To build young people’s capacity to consider risks and consequences and make informed decisions and take responsibility;
•To help young people to develop social awareness and a sense of social solidarity;
•To give young people a voice in decision-making which affect their lives;
•To enhance young people’s role as active citizens;
•To listen to and hear what young people have to say.

How does it happen?

With a focus on process in which the active and critical participation of young people is essential, the methods adopted and the programmes and activities engaged in by youth workers and young people are very diverse, including:
•Recreation, sport and indoor/outdoor pursuits
•Arts and culture, including drama and the Irish Language
•Citizenship, social action, youth participation, rights and equality issues, the environment, development education and politics
•Welfare and well-being including health promotion, relationships and sexuality, stress management, first aid, drugs, alcohol and smoking
•Life skills, such as leadership, teamwork, planning and decision making, communication, problem solving, initiative and responsibility
•Critical Analysis and creative and reflective thinking
•Intercultural and international awareness activities and exchanges
•Information technology

What are the values of youth work?

The values of youth work match the purpose of education and are fundamental to the process, raising the confidence of individuals, their contribution to society, and their value as citizens. These values are
•Empowerment of young people
•Equality and inclusion
•Respect for all young people
•Involvement of young people in decision-making
•Voluntary participation

What are the benefits of youth work?

Youth work adds value to the lives of all young people, helping them develop lasting skills and attributes, and can particularly affect the lives of young people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged, or are most challenged by school. It can help to build confidence, provide role models, open up new experiences and give young people a sense of belonging.

For young people

Youth work is both educational and enjoyable; both fulfilling and fun along with those that take part have more opportunities and more options for the future.

For communities

Youth Work is about adults and young people working together, building community spirit and playing an active role in the development of their communities

For society

Youth work tackles real social issues, it combats disadvantage, it enhances democratic life and it’s huge value for money!

Definitive features
•Youth work is about voluntary participation
•Young people are involved in youth work because they choose to be, because they want to do worthwhile, enjoyable things in their free time in the company of their friends and interested, supportive adults, both paid and volunteer
•Youth work ‘starts where young people are at’
•Youth work is flexible and versatile in its approach. It starts with young people’s own interests and ambitions and helps them to expand their horizons
•Youth work is about partnership
•In youth work the young people are active partners in making decisions, planning programmes, setting priorities. The youth work relationship is based on dialogue between young people and adults








youth struggle in my shoes

NEW ROSS STANDARD  5th July, 2016bronzeage

























18th August, 2015




25TH AUGUST, 2015








6TH JUNE, 2015 



Childcare Staff, Clare Barrett, Karen Giese and Mary Breen along with their Childcare Manager Marie Murphy at the Fair Pay Rally held in Cork on Saturday 6th June 2015. This rally was organised by ACP (The Association of Childcare Professionals) to highlight the low wages of early childhood professionals who support children and parents during this key foundation stage of development




As part of the ‘Integer Doing Good’ Initiative, we are very fortunate to have received a donation of 5 refurbished laptops from Integer in New Ross!Our ‘Getting Citizens Online’ service is about to get even more citizens online!!Here’s Emma, our Family Support Worker, with Pauline (COO), Catriona & Deidre (IT), and David (CI Coach) from Integer posing for the handover photo on a beautifully sunny day…Thanks Guys, we appreciate it 👌👌Lake Region Medical/Integer Charity Events#integerdoinggood#familyresourceirl

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