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  • Tuesday, 14th November, 2017
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Our Progress to Date

 Our Progress to Date 2016-2017

In looking at where we have come from as an organization and where we are wanting be in the future I think that first and foremost we need to acknowledge that it has been challenging for us , at times, to ensure that the kind of work we do here at SWWFRC and why we do it is understood and valued.

Our direct experience has shown us that this work has been a mix of community development, community education , social inclusion and now family support work .

Trying to place a value on the impact of this work in our community cannot be measured only in units or targets or numbers . It is how local people see us, feel about the work that happens here that affects them and their families and also that they understand how much poorer this community would be if this organisation and this building were not at the heart of it.

Learning from this we hope that we can meet the challenges set out for us in the ambitious long –term outcomes as set out in our Strategic Plan 2016-2018 by taking practical steps to showcase our work in the local and national media and on the relevant social media platforms.

Alongside this however we as members and Directors must also contribute to strengthening this understanding of our work locally and countywide at every opportunity.

Every staff member of SWWFRC, volunteer, Director and member here must take responsibility for spreading a positive and reinforcing message that SWWFRC is strong , resilient and there for our local families.

We need this commitment at every level in the organization to begin to repair relationships and restore public trust and confidence in charities like ourselves given the barrage of bad media in the press in recent years.

Internally at SWWFRC, in the last year we have been managing the change into the FRC Programme with much work gone into consolidating the organisation’s understanding of family support as well as implementing actions agreed in the Annual Plan. This has paid off and there has been a good start in providing a strong wrap around service where people can progress through programmes and also receive individual support.

Through the delivery of the Childcare Service, youth supports, in schools and the Glor Project the FRC has also built up greater access to parents. This has led to trusting relationships being built so that needs can be better identified and met.


There has been a great deal achieved despite:

  • the hidden work of additional administration / reporting / accountability structures and systems for different funders;
  • Managing changes to programmes such as ETB / Pobail – Childcare / CE etc.
  • Changes of staff within the Glor Project
  • The fact that an FRC this size only has 2 full time FRC positions with will never be enough to cover all that needs doing;
  • Making the transition into the FRC Programme;
  • Have a large building to maintain and clean with very little resources


On the positive side, to help get through the challenges above the Project also has:

  • Up-dated and developed Policies in 2016 through the FRC being on the Governance Code Journey;
  • Maintained and developed existing internal management  practices and procedures;
  • Has a very competent Project Manager who deals with all the day to day issues;
  • Has a strong Board with a hands on Chairperson;
  • Has a professional, committed and creative staff team who want to see new opportunities and supports available to children and their families in the area in which they serve.


To enable us as a company to provide the community services to this rural part of Co. Wexford requires a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff, and we as a company are very fortunate to have such a team. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the board of management to thank Sharon as manager and all of the staff for the way they have coped with the demands made ­­of them by this ever changing environment.

There has also been a visual transformation in the makeup of the board of management over the past few years and 2016 followed this trend with four new directors joining the board Pat Kent, Carole Faulkner and Tim and Dawn Bradley.

Alan Ryan and Mary Lawlor, will also retire at this AGM as Directors and members of the Company.

Rachel O’Connor, Don Kenny and Nuala Murphy stepped down from the board during 2016/2017 and are also due to retire at this AGM Directors and Members of the Company and I would like thank all of these board members for their many contributions to SWWDCG during their tenure as Directors.

Without underestimating the challenges ahead I believe that we are now in an era at SWWFRC that is transformational and that opportunities exist that if we embrace them with passion, openness, ambition and bravery can bring to us dynamic programmes and projects to ensure we are around for a long time to come .

I thank you all for your continued support

Jack Butler




28th August 2017











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