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Week Beginning 6th and 13th April 2020
In response to the COVID-19 virus, staff of South West Wexford Family Resource Centre (SWWFRC) are continuing to work diligently to maintain a safe work environment remotely and protect the health and well-being of our staff and children and families in our community. We continue to be aware that this is a very stressful and difficult time for some families our services are still available to offer support to anyone who needs it.

SWWFRC staff members will be working remotely in an effort to keep our operations running smoothly and continue to provide services to our community during this we will be remotely monitoring & returning emails/calls Mon-Fri as below:

Family Support: 087 360 5595
Youth Services: 087 360 559
Childcare: 0871719320
REaD Courses: 0870985706
CE Scheme: 0852569680
General Queries: 0852569680 / 0876594460
Welfare Queries: 0852569680 / 0876594460

Welfare to Work

 Welfare to Work

During the difficult recessionary period , our work here in SWWFRC increased its focus on supporting people in this community who have recently become unemployed or been made redundant. We are constantly reorganizing the delivery of our community education courses in order to address the needs of those with low or no qualifications, aiming to support low skill workers to consider retraining and encourage people to improve their reading, writing, spelling and maths skills so they can diversify in work if necessary.

Internet Access is now free for jobseekers and you can also browse the job sections of the local papers on our employment Notice Board and access the most up to date welfare and employment information in the Centre.

We also provide supports with one-to-one CV design. Anyone interested can contact Reception on 051-389418 or email Reception@swwfrc.ie  for more information.

SWWFRC  works in conjunction with such programmes as The Department of Social Protection (DSP) to deliver our very valuable  Community Employment Scheme ( C.E.) and the TUS programme with Wexford Local Development (WLD) . The C.E. scheme provides a very necessary staff resource with participants working in a number of areas within the centre such as Childcare, Reception, building maintenance and the Fusion Youth Café and participants are afforded opportunities  to gain formal training qualifications in their chosen area. The TUS scheme, also offers participants an opportunity  to obtain on the job work experience.  We are delighted to say that we have a very high success rate of people obtaining permanent and part-time employment from these schemes.

 DSP Employment Scheme  | The Tus Programme

Employment Training Programmes 2018

  • SWWFRC retained our engagement with the Wexford Local Development TUS scheme in 2018 and offered 1 year placements to up to 5 TUS participants in the period. TUS participants who complete their placements can then progress to the CE Scheme as agreed.
  • The DSP CE Scheme had 19 individuals come through the 2017-2018 Ce Scheme. A new CE supervisor was also recruited end August 2019 .
  • 13 CE participants took part in Education and Training Programmes.  These courses were delivered in house through the Education and Training Dept. (REaD)  in the Family Resource centre. The courses were highlighted by the participants in their Individual Learning Plans and sourced by the CE supervisor. The courses also respond to the placement that the participants are involved in.
  • The following courses were delivered to CE participants by Ramsgrange Education and Development ( REaD) @ the Family Resource Centre. Children with Additional Needs, Early childhood and Education, Child Development, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll, Work Experience, ECDL, Training and Development and Special Needs Assisting.
  • Other courses that Participants took part in are mandatory while on placement with CE.  These courses were outsourced to companies that specialise in this type of training.  11 participants took part in this mandatory Training which was Health and Safety Awareness and Manual Handling.
  • Other outsourced training which was not mandatory was First Aid and 5 participants took part in this.
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