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Week Beginning 6th and 13th April 2020
In response to the COVID-19 virus, staff of South West Wexford Family Resource Centre (SWWFRC) are continuing to work diligently to maintain a safe work environment remotely and protect the health and well-being of our staff and children and families in our community. We continue to be aware that this is a very stressful and difficult time for some families our services are still available to offer support to anyone who needs it.

SWWFRC staff members will be working remotely in an effort to keep our operations running smoothly and continue to provide services to our community during this we will be remotely monitoring & returning emails/calls Mon-Fri as below:

Family Support: 087 360 5595
Youth Services: 087 360 559
Childcare: 0871719320
REaD Courses: 0870985706
CE Scheme: 0852569680
General Queries: 0852569680 / 0876594460
Welfare Queries: 0852569680 / 0876594460

Ramsgrange Education and Development (R.E.a.D)

Ramsgrange Education and Development (R.E.a D.)

Our aim at R.E.a.D is to develop affordable, accessible community based education and training opportunities for skills, personal and community development, to enable individuals and the community to access lifelong learning.

Programmes include return to work courses, Business & IT Training; Bookkeeping, Payroll and Accounts; Healthcare; Childcare; Beauty courses and lots more.  SWWFRC @ The Ramsgrange Centre is a Quality assured QQI centre and ECDL Test Centre.


What is Community Education?

Community Education works with adults who wish to return to or continue their education, offering a learner-centred approach involving personal supports and tuition leading to positive personal, social and economic outcomes.  It focuses its work on people who are distant from education and the labour market, and is generally developed in local community projects and centres.  Community Education is grounded on principles of justice, equality, social inclusion and citizenship.  Starting from people’s current situation, groups are facilitated to work together in creative and participative ways to set and achieve goals such as employment, personal and social change,  formal certification of their learning up to Level 8, and community activity (Aontas, 2016).


Ramsgrange Education and Development

Community Education in South West Wexford Family Resource Centre is delivered under Community Education paid courses managed by R.E.a.D (Ramsgrange Education and Development @ SWWFRC).


Courses @ R.E.a.D. – see our separate page for information on courses

The majority of participants on courses provided by REaD are updating their skills for work purposes or are hoping to re-enter the labour market and need various components to retrain in new areas. Learners work towards major awards on a part time basis to fit around other commitments.

Courses provided by REaD are run in the evening time mainly one evening a week for 10 weeks covering 30 hours class time. Day time classes can be provided when requested.

What are the outcomes for Community Education learners?

A number of research reports have shown that participating in Community Education supports people  towards many different outcomes at a personal, family and community level.  These include –

  • New skills – both personal and vocational
  • Mainstream employment
  • Pathway to continuing education
  • Work experience programmes
  • Personal development and confidence building
  • Active citizenship, community activity and empowerment
  • Social Inclusion
  • Volunteering
  • Improved quality of life for individuals, their families and communities (Aontas, 2016).


Ramsgrange Education and Development (REaD) 2018

Module QQI Level No. Learners Started No’s of Certs Awarded
Accounting Manual & Computerised 5 7 6
Bookkeeping Manual & Computerised 5 12 10
Communications 6 2 2
Early Care & Education Practice 5 12 7
Care of the Older Person 5 4 3
Training & Development 6 5 4
Special Needs Assisting 5 18 15
ECDL N/A 15 13
Communications 5 12 11
Children With Additional Needs 5 12 12
Word Processing 5 5 5
Payroll Manual & Computerised 5 13 10
Care Skills 5 4 3
Child Development 5 8 7
Total 129 108


SWWFRC is compliant with the Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland
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