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Please contact us, whether it’s for information, guidance, an appointment, a listening ear or a chat, we are here.

Our doors are still open for essential services including:
• Childcare Services
• Counselling services
• Printing, Photocopying and secretarial services to job seekers, people working remotely or students.
• Food Cloud Service
• 1-1 online IT supports
• Welfare rights and Information service
• 1-1 family support

Watch out for future posts as we extend or restrict our services based on public health guidelines .We will continue to provide services to our community during this we will be in house and remotely monitoring & returning emails/calls Mon-Fri as below:

Family Support: 087 360 5595
Youth Services: 087 360 559
Childcare: 0871719320
REaD Courses: 0870985706
CE Scheme: 0852569680
General Queries: 0852569680 / 0876594460
Welfare Queries: 0852569680 / 0876594460

Contact Us

Postal Address: SWWFRC, Ramsgrange Centre, Ramsgrange, New Ross, Co. Wexford.

  Y34 DP26

Tel.: 051-389418

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swwfrc

Reception e-mail: reception@swwfrc.ie.

Manager: Sharon Kennedy

Managers e-mail: manager@swwfrc.ie

Administrator: Ann Rice

Administrator e-mail: admin@swwfrc.ie

DSP CE Scheme Coordinator: Jane McWilliams

DSP CE Scheme Coordinator e-mail: cecoordinator@swwfrc.ie

Childcare Coordinator: Marie Murphy

Childcare Coordinator e-mail: childcare@swwfrc.ie   

Education & Training Interim Coordinator: Darren Nolan

Education & Training Coordinator e-mail: read@swwfrc.ie

Family Support Coordinator:  Emma Fitzgerald

Family Support Coordinator e-mail: familysupport@swwfrc.ie

Local Training Initiative Coordinator: Christina Martin

Local Training Initiative Coordinator e-mail: christina@swwfrc.ie

Local Training Initiative Assistant Coordinator: Sheila Ward

Local Training Initiative Assistant Coordinator e-mail: sheila@swwfrc.ie

SWWFRC is compliant with the Charities Governance Code 2020

Registered Charity Number : 20027087
CHY Number: CHY10553
Company Number : 178048
Telephone +353 (0) 51 389 418
Facsimilie +353 (0) 51 389 254
Email reception@swwfrc.ie
The Ramsgrange Centre, Ramsgrange
New Ross, Wexford
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