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Please contact us, whether it’s for information, guidance, an appointment, a listening ear or a chat, we are here.

Our doors are still open for essential services including:
• Childcare Services
• Counselling services
• Printing, Photocopying and secretarial services to job seekers, people working remotely or students.
• Food Cloud Service
• 1-1 online IT supports
• Welfare rights and Information service
• 1-1 family support

Watch out for future posts as we extend or restrict our services based on public health guidelines .We will continue to provide services to our community during this we will be in house and remotely monitoring & returning emails/calls Mon-Fri as below:

Family Support: 087 360 5595
Youth Services: 087 360 559
Childcare: 0871719320
REaD Courses: 0870985706
CE Scheme: 0852569680
General Queries: 0852569680 / 0876594460
Welfare Queries: 0852569680 / 0876594460

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Dear Friends of SWWFRC,

In light of recent Covid 19 Developments in the Ramsgrange area and after careful consideration we are regrettably suspending our services from Today 17th December at 5pm to January 11th 2021 in order to support the continuing efforts in the community to reduce transmission of this virus and contain its effects. Of course we appreciate that families may be inconvenienced and disappointed , as we are too. Nonetheless we remain firm in our decision for the care of our staff and the parents, children and vulnerable adults who use our services.

2020 and this current crisis has shone a light on how we can all work together as a community to support each other in difficult times and we would like to acknowledge that this pandemic has affected us all – some much more than others- particularly those who are isolating and who have lost loved ones. It has left few of us unchanged.

For those families who are currently experiencing isolation we urge you to reach out and contact Wexford Community Helpline number 053-9196000 – 1 if you are in need and are looking for basic services such as delivery of food or meals, or transport for essential trips. We will continue to post more helpline numbers in the coming days and offer whatever support we can during this difficult time.

Now is the time for neighbours friends and family to rally and support each other and do their bit to keep each other safe so that hopefully we can begin 2021 with hope .

We would like to wish all our patrons and friends a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new Year and urge you to stay safe as we look forward to seeing you again in 2021.


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  30th June 2020

🤗Hi everyone🤗

Well it would be safe to say we really have been keeping super busy everyday this month making changes to The Ramsgrange Centre, and it just seems to be getting busier daily as we draw closer to re-opening our doors for business.

So , we are delighted to announce that SWWFRC will be extending our services at The Ramsgrange Centre from Monday July 6th (with certain restrictions).

We are genuinely excited to get back to a bit of normality and structure and to continue doing what we are good at, having a strong focus on developing resilient children, families and community. Covid19 has brought with it many challenges. No one could have predicted the impact it would have on our daily lives. We’re feeling excited to welcome you all back safely and gradually.

👶Sugradh Childcare Centre👶 will reopen on Monday and all staff are excited to welcome back the parents and children to their very safe if somewhat different looking childcare rooms. Check out our pages later this week for a video tour of the facilities! 😉😉

👇Our reception services will be open to the public for printing, photocopying and Internet access from 10 am to 12 noon and 2 pm – 4 pm daily and other times by appointment with staff.

Counselling & Family Support Services are available by remote telephone /email supports or appointment as necessary . Call Emma on 087-3605595 for more information.

The Community Cafe , Fusion Cafe and our Education and Training Services will also resume and reignite and open gradually in the next phase of our Return to Work Plan and we will keep you posted on dates for these developments here as we extend services in the coming months. We also hope to be able to welcome back our social inclusion groups from Mid September onwards all going well with the Government Road map for reopening business.

All our staff have completed their Covid Induction Training & we have taken all necessary precautions with expert guidance from cleaning and health & safety consultants to ensure all public health guidelines are being followed at The Ramsgrange Centre.

A huge thank you to all those people who helped prepare for the extension & reopening of our services.

A special thanks to the staff who have worked relentlessly since March 12th behind the scenes going that extra mile to keep existing and new services running & supporting families during this pandemic.


REVISED 20TH March 2020


In response to the COVID-19 virus, South West Wexford Family Resource Centre (SWWFRC) is working diligently to maintain a safe work environment and protect the health and well-being of our staff and children and families in our community. We are aware that this is a very stressful and difficult time for some families but we want to reassure you that our services are still available to offer support to anyone who needs it. As such, we have determined that for the foreseeable future we will work to offer the following limited services to our community during these trying times.

SWWFRC staff members will be working remotely in an effort to keep our operations running smoothly and continue to provide services to our community during this time.  Therefore, please be aware that effective March 16th 2020:

  • We have cancelled all classes, meetings, events & group activities at The Ramsgrange Centre.


  • Offices are closed & we will be remotely monitoring & returning emails/calls Mon-Fri as below
Services Time Contact Phone Email Address
Family Support 10:00-2:00pm 087 360 5595 familysupport@swwfrc.ie
Counselling As Agreed 086 155 0115. familysupport@swwfrc.ie
Youth Services 10:00-2:00pm 087 360 5595 fusion@swwfrc.ie
Childcare 9.00-5.00pm 0871719320 childcare@swwfrc.ie
REaD Courses 10:00-2:00pm 0870985706 read@swwfrc.ie
CE Scheme 9.00-5.00pm 0852569680 cecoordinator@swwfrc.ie
Administration Queries 10:00-2:00pm 087-9348934 admin@swwfrc.ie
General Queries 10:00-2:00pm 0852569680/0876594460 manager@swwfrc.ie
Welfare Queries 10:00-2:00pm 0852569680/0876594460 cecoordinator@swwfrc.ie



We will continue to monitor guidance from health officials over the next few weeks and send updates to our Website and Facebook pages. If you have any additional questions, please contact our offices.   Stay Safe. Management SWWFRC.

Election 2020

For when the election candidates call to your door can you have a read of this pledge for continued support for your local FRC , SWWFRC.

Every family is different, which is why we at SWWFRC and other FRC’s provide tailored support services.

We support communities from cradle to grave & from every background.

We can’t compromise on that, so we’re asking #GE2020 candidates to pledge to protect the autonomy & unique service model of FRCs.

SWWFRC Positive Steps Week 2020

Community Calendar of events

Monday January 27th 2020 South West Wexford Family Resource Centre (SWWFRC)

Launch of SWWFRC’s annual Positive Steps Week schedule of events to promote awareness of Wellbeing and sustainable development issues to the community of South West Wexford.


SWWFRC Positive Steps Week 2020

It can be hard to feel cheerful in January. Christmas is a distant memory, the days are dark and cold and chances are you’re in the middle of a New Year diet. However, while it may be tempting to curl up on the sofa and wait for spring to start, with the right approach it’s easy to turn January into a motivational month. Maybe you are ready to make a start on the usual new year resolutions or maybe its time to make some different ones?


Making better choices and breaking bad habits is especially important for us here at SWWFRC when it comes to the environment into 2020 and we are using our annual “Positivity Week “ to support our community to kick start our greenest decade yet. There are lots of ways we as a society can also collectively help stop the destruction of our planet. With the new year firmly here, it’s a good time to start getting more sustainable in our daily lives.

This next decade will be crucial in the fight to save the planet, but if you want to do more to tackle climate change in 2020, it can be hard to work out where to start.

So we have picked a few things for our week of events that will be both informative and enjoyable in working towards building a more sustainable community here in South West Wexford. Because, we know if you get involved in something you enjoy you’ll do that better than anything else and learn more and you will be more motivated to commit to that change and share your ideas and learnings with others.

So on Monday January 27th 2020 South West Wexford Family Resource Centre (SWWFRC) will launch its annual Positive Steps Week schedule of events to promote awareness of sustainable development issues to the community of South West Wexford.

Our week will kick start on Monday morning at 11am -1pm with an interactive waste reduction workshop hosted by VOICE Ireland covering what we waste in Ireland and steps we can take to reduce our waste. The workshop will include a detailed discussion on Recycling in more detail, covering what can and cannot go into the household recycling bin. VOICE Ambassador Sylvia will facilitate this interactive workshop and will answer all your recycling questions and help you to get your bins sorted.

This input will be followed by a presentation from Jules Robinson of Seal Rescue Ireland. Jules will be speaking about seal ecology and the issues they face in our modern oceans using real cases of seal pup patients from their rehabilitation centre! During the workshop she will discuss ways in which we as a community can help to protect the environment and minimise our carbon footprint, as well as the proactive activities Seal Rescue Ireland does to promote conservation. There will also be a 30 minute Ecobrick workshop where Jules will explain what an ECOBRICK is, and how you can use them to do your part to reduce plastic waste in our oceans and landfills.  At SWWFRC we aim into 2020 to work with local families, schools and other community groups to get creative with our own Ecobricks and turn waste into building structures in our own centre and community! . In advance of this workshop if you are interested please visit https://www.ecobricks.org/ for some more great project ideas.

These workshops are free and all are welcome.

Other events that will explore our relationship with our planet and our lifestyles promoting and supporting our own wellbeing and that of our community include open taster workshops at 11am on Tuesday 28th @ SWWFRC in Yoga with local Yoga Teacher Bridget Sandle followed by a guided meditation session .

Wednesday 28th sees local Counsellor Ann Cadogan meet with 5th and 6th class students @ SWWFRC for an interactive talk about transitioning from primary to secondary school and how they can actively mind their mental health and wellbeing in this transition.

Our staff and children @ Sugradh Childcare Centre will also be busy crafting and decorating their own wellbeing tree with messages of love, care and support from them to each other and their families. This activity will create a wonderful lasting display piece that can be viewed in the foyer of our beautiful building for the full month of February. They will also visit our older community members @ the local St Louis Day Care Centre during this week to promote intergenerational wellbeing.

Thursday 30th we are also offering a FREE creative Art workshop for adults, exploring our relationship with Health and Wellbeing and the 4 Seasons of the Year. This workshop will enable participants to reflect positively on how they mind themselves during seasonal change and capture these thoughts through Art for display. Times to be confirmed and you can call or email reception@swwfrc.ie  / 051-389418 for more information and to make a booking as places are limited.

On the same evening members of our Fusion Youth Café will also take on the challenge of exploring their relationship with our beautiful Planet and how they might make some small changes into 2020 to affect Climate Change. This workshop will also culminate in an art piece depicting their experiences that can be viewed at Fusion Café.

So if you feel motivated to take some small steps to make changes for the environment or your own wellbeing we want to take a few small steps with you in 2020 with our offerings to you and our community during this week. All are Welcome.

” Go Green ” Campaign 


Today, 20th September 2019 we at SWWFRC are kicking off our celebration for European Day of Sustainable Communities, by launching our ” Go Green ” campaign to make our organisation and our rural community more sustainable.

To launch this campaign for the month of September we are this week promoting the Sustainable Development Goals on our new “Go Green” information board in our main foyer which will display tips and guided information on how we can make smart decisions, show we care and play our part for a healthy planet , a happy society and a thriving economy .

So, What is sustainability? How does it relate to me, you might ask?.

Have a look at this 1 minute video and lets make a start….



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