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  • Monday, 13th November
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  • Yoga with Finola
  • 7.30-8.30pm
  • Tuesday, 14th November, 2017
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  • Wednesday 15th November, 2017
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  • Thursday, 16th November, 2017
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  • Friday, 17th November, 2017
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    Saturday, 18th November, 2017
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Progress in 2016


Progress in 2016

AREA OF WORK: Overall day to day management and operational issues



  • All relevant FRC policies completed and financial and childcare policy developments;
  • Internal polices updated and developed include;
  • 2016 Income and Reserves Policy 2016 Apportionment Policy
  • Anti –Racism Code of Practice
  • Code of Practice relating to Domestic Violence
  • Code of Practice for working with Lesbian, Gay and Trans Communities
  • Communications /Media Policy
  • Policy for working with Volunteers, Work Placements and Internships
  • Policy on Use of the SWWFRC Centre
  • Staff Code of Conduct Policy
  • Data Protection policy
  • Code of Practice on Suicide Prevention
  • Disability Inclusion Protocol
  • Sugradh Childcare Centre Childcare Policies Developed and approved by board 2016 :
  • Administration of an Epi Pen
  • Emotional wellbeing Policy
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Sleep Policy
  • Outings policy
  • Healthy Eating Policy
  • Student Supervision policy
  • Updated Fee Policy 2016



Just as much of 2015 was dominated by the transition of South Wexford Community Development Project to South West Wexford Family Resource Centre under TUSLA 2016 continued this transition phase as both staff and management engaged with the challenges of moving our thinking and practice towards targeted family support services and activities .

A transition nonetheless into 2016 that whilst this new funding stream is very much appreciated and welcome for our sustainability it continued to demand time and energy from both staff and directors for some time into 2016.

BTEI Strand reduced to pre –development work

A planned launch for 2016 of the FRC / Glor Project did not take place due to resource allocation prioritised for time and planning to the strategic planning process; significant HR and staff support and supervision and the bedding down of the Glor project from pilot initiative to on-going project

Staff recruitment and retention

Recruitment was on-going for the Board of Management Directorships throughout 2016 with two Board member resigning during the year due to work commitments and family health matters. Two potential new members have been identified as replacements for 2017 following induction .

Costs re maintenance and development of The Centre – sustainability

Time for H&S review, Risk Management Review and Staff appraisals 2016 outstanding

Continued resource support for community development activities – Penny Bank, Befriending Project, Food Cloud , supports fro groups @ SWWFRC , Mens Shed

Challenges remain in funding and delivering upon a full SWWFRC team event whilst also enabling time for regular communications with the full staff team from management The annual

Challenges remain in funding and delivering upon a full SWWFRC team event whilst also enabling time for regular communications with the full staff team from management;

Management faced some challenges in continuing long standing work in the area of community development and devoting time and staffing to development of targeted family support services alongside centre management and significant time spent on staff support and supervision during 2016.

The Community and voluntary sector that we operate in is an ever changing environment and the past 12 months has been no exception to that rule. There have been many new challenges both operational and financial which the directors and staff here at SWWFRC have had to cope with. Other challenges for us as an organization continue to focus around our financial stability as a mainly government funded organization and how to address this in the context of sustaining or growing our activities with limiting staff resources . We are also faced with the increasing pressures that come with increasing compliance requirements and trying to balance the need to provide more services to the community with reduced operational funding and core staff resources.



·          Health and safety work on fire escape removal and exits

·          2016 – 9 directors on board

·          Income 2016 – 1,117,095

·          Compliance complete with Charity Regulator and Companies Act ( Re memo and Arts0

·          Legal name of FRC changed to SWWFRC

·          Extensive work was undertaken in 2016 to rebrand the CDP to an FRC, with new logo development , changes to internal and external signage and stationary, emails and website and restructuring of the organisations facebook pages, alongside staff training in social media .




·          Family support Work initiatives and local networking increased;

·          Continuation of Glor Project into 2017 – purchase of vehicle for youth activitie’s

·          Development of Penny Bank, Befriending Project, Food Cloud,

·          11 women, 10 men, 5 children, received counselling services

·          26 care plans developed by FRC

·          11 Meitheal meetings attended with 4 as FRC as lead practitioner

·          175 people informed and directed re back to education

·          Referred 161 people to CWO

·          221 people used Internet services, 602 used administrative services

·          7 groups helped with fundraising referred

·          25 volunteers supported and trained

·          269 people attended courses ( 238 completed)

·          73 children/YP attended courses/programmes (66 completed)

·          11 groups/initiatives supported with 36 people overseeing same and 215 adults and 218 children benefitting from the activities and 14 volunteers involved.

·          1802 people and 375 children accessed our projects services and initiatives in 2016 @ cost of 476,222 with funding received of 459,510 and fee income of €19,139 covering 11,275 meeting hours n total

·          Volunteers are supported continuously and there was a great interest in recruitment for volunteers for out Pilot Be-friending Project in August 2016 wit 17 volunteers initially being trained for the programme. Inductions were also carried out with all volunteers to assess their interests and levels of commitment and for Garda Vetting.



·          To enable us as a company to provide the community services to this rural part of Co. Wexford requires a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff and we as a company are very fortunate to have such a team. There has been a transformation in the makeup of the board of management over the past few years with a complete turn over of Board members and also new staff joining the staff team through the CE/TUs schemes and The Glor Project which always brings with it new energy and ideas.

·          The principal activity of the company is to deliver, develop and support existing government programmes in family supports, childcare, employment and education schemes and initiatives. The organisation provides additional youth and community social inclusion activities projects and facilities annually which enable access to services, provision of information, training and advice and other supports to the community. It supports volunteer and community involvement at all levels of the company.

·          All this planned activity for 2016 moved well with the core staff team operating at break-neck speed delivering on programmes during their high activity phases (e.g DSP CE Scheme rollover ; BTEI/READ Courses; TUS staff rollover) . Other activities such as the FIT Programme, application and planning process for the 2016 Glor Project and the planning process for the Strategic Plan and 2016 Launch ramped up towards the end of 2016 as they make initial headway into 2017. Our strategic planning process supported by Framework was a welcome development for Management and it also that took e up considerable planning and development time in the first quarter of 2016.

·          Under our community development activities we continued with Fundraising, awareness and information workshops and events towards year end with engagement in the 16 days of violence campaign with NWC and a Breast Cancer awareness event. Fundraising towards our counseling services was again of particular focus for 2016 as demands increased from the community. Maintaining links and communications with the users of the centre , participants on programmes and courses, staff, volunteers and board members continues to be a challenge on an ongoing basis , as does the background work on building maintenance , and operational systems upgrades such as electrics and IT. Operations planning and budget setting for 2017 began anew in our thinking as the year progressed and staff resource management is continually under review for programmes and activities for 2017.

·          Overall the strategic planning process that we formally embarked upon in 2016 was a great time for this organisation. So much has changed for us in the external environment of this sector over the last 7 years and that has, in turn caused quite a lot of learning and change to occur within SWWFRC. This strategy planning process provides us with a well timed opportunity to think through the implications of both the external policy transformations on our sector led by funding shifts led by tendering mechanisms and commissioning strategies and also the internal organisational changes we have had to adapt to as a result. In addressing these adjustments we can consider our current vision and mission for the community of SWW and SWWCDG /FRC as a whole in a strategic and reflective way , so as to ensure our success for next 6 years and more

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