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Our doors are still open for essential services including:
• Childcare Services
• Counselling services
• Printing, Photocopying and secretarial services to job seekers, people working remotely or students.
• Food Cloud Service
• 1-1 online IT supports
• Welfare rights and Information service
• 1-1 family support

Watch out for future posts as we extend or restrict our services based on public health guidelines .We will continue to provide services to our community during this we will be in house and remotely monitoring & returning emails/calls Mon-Fri as below:

Family Support: 087 360 5595
Youth Services: 087 360 559
Childcare: 0871719320
REaD Courses: 0870985706
CE Scheme: 0852569680
General Queries: 0852569680 / 0876594460
Welfare Queries: 0852569680 / 0876594460

About Us

SWWFRC’s Purpose, Beliefs, Values and Activities

The South West Wexford Family Resource Centre is located in the ED of Rathroe (14085)  and its catchment area  incorporates 11 Electoral Divisions, (ED’s) with a total population of 9,339, (census 2011) living in 3423 households. It is at the heart of a wide rural farming and fishing area which provides a gateway to popular seaside towns of Fethard and Duncannon. The main road through the catchment area is the R733 which runs from Ballyhack straight to Wexford Town. The Centre is approximately 22 km from New Ross town and 35 km from Wexford town.

Many issues and trends impact on the quality of life for people in this catchment area including rural population decline and high levels of old age dependency. The recession and resultant unemployment impacted greatly upon the emigration of young people from certain areas and employment and meaningful activities are scarce on the ground for young people and adults needing emotional and other supports during this time.

While the number of persons under 15 years is decreasing, according to the last two censuses, the number of under 5’s is increasing. Therefore, it could be viewed that there will be continued demand on services for this age group in the form of childcare and ancillary supports for their families. This could be in the areas of transport and/or education.

The relative remoteness of the catchment area supported as it is by Wexford Local Link Rural Transport Programme nonetheless still suffers from a lack of regular accessible transport adding to the isolation and exclusion of the most disadvantaged in the community, when they seek services and supports.

While the area boasts a number of community centres and sports complex the distance to them is often a problem for families living in South West Wexford. These centres provide day and evening activities such as dance and drama for younger people, bingo for older people and sports for all ages. The centres endeavour to be all inclusive but for those without private transport this is not always possible. For those without a car getting children to the sports grounds for practice or to the local youthclub is a real difficulty.  This leads to children being excluded from community activities and left to amuse themselves in the estates of the villages.

The Centre itself can only offer after school services alongside the provision of transport to the centre from the local schools. There are two health centres in the area, one only operates part time. There are three GP’s and three public health nurses. Because of the location of these health professionals for many it involves greater distances to travel for those in some parts of the area. With the number of local post offices and shops are reducing all the time access to these basic services is becoming more difficult for more people. Many of the older people and those living with a disability depend on the goodwill of friends and family to take them to the local village. There are no wheelchair accessible services available on public transport services making integration difficult. Access to transport can also prohibit lone parents from accessing childcare and education for the parent also.

At the heart of this community and the focal point for much progress is South West Wexford Family Resource centre. Located in the former St Louis Convent it is based in the heart of the area in the beautiful hub of the village of Ramsgrange which hosts both a primary and secondary school alongside an active daycare centre and outdoor pursuits centre.

South West Wexford FRC receives funding from a variety of public agencies for the delivery of services under contract or service level agreement. The linking of these various activities in one centre generates economies of scale, while the holistic approach makes for greater effectiveness of services.

SWWFRC has also enjoyed financial support from its community over the years and aims into the future to strive to enhance this support from the county council and local business to support the development of The Ramsgrange Centre as an economic and wellbeing hub for future generations. This will be vital to us to maintain our core services and the centre as a historical structure. We greatly value all supports to date and the partnerships which have given rise and will give rise to current and future supports towards sustainability. We are always keen to describe the work we do as it is menai9gful to families and community and to invite new partners to share this work of supporting a vibrant community in rural South West Wexford.

SWWFRC’s purpose is set out in its constitution. Our mission, strategic plan, objectives, programmes and goals describe what it is that we want to do. But our values describe how we want to go about our work. As part of the development of our current 2018 work- plan the board is very clear about, and committed to leading SWWFRC according to the beliefs and values set out below.

SWWCDG’s governing documents sets out its overall objects since incorporation. The current Board of Directors are reviewing these objects into 2019 with a view to updating them to incorporate a more current and reflective picture of SWWCDG’s activities and role in the community which may read as follows:

  • to promote and ensure through family support and community development the total development of the project area of the Company as defined from time to time by the Company
  • to promote and ensure through family support and community development the total development of the people of the SWW area in a manner acceptable to and suitably controlled by the people of the SWW area themselves
  • in conjunction with the people of the SWW area to design and initiate programmes which would cater for their social, economic, culture, educational and environmental needs.

The original, vision, policy direction and values of the Company are now also guided by TUSLA : Better Outcomes , Brighter Future and decided on collectively by various boards and consultations with the community over the past 27 years  There has been a clear line of continuity and consistency in these community development values, principles and aims inherent in SWWCDG’s operations as SWWCDG has grown and developed in the period. .

SWWCDG is now officially trading as “South West Wexford Family Resource Centre” (SWWFRC) since March 2016 and is has undertaken Company Conversion for Charities as required by the Companies Registration Office and The Charities Act 2015 .  Into 2019 SWWCDG Directors will undertake to review the objects of the company Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association with regard to Member /Director powers and duties as appropriate to reflect current Charitable Organisational Good Governance guidelines and practice as appropriate and guided by the Company Solicitor.

Our mission, strategic plan, objectives, programmes and goals describe what it is that we want to do. But our values describe how we want to go about our work. As part of the development of our current work-plan the board is very clear about, and committed to leading SWWFRC according to the beliefs and values set out our VISION, MISSION, GUIDING PRINCIPLES AND VALUES section .


Our Key Ongoing Activities in 2018-2019 Include:


  • The Glor Youth Project
  • FUSION Youth Café
  • Community Childcare Facility
  • Parent and Toddler Group
  • Summer/Halloween and Easter Camps
  • Community Based Family Supports
  • Parenting Supports & Meitheals
  • Advice & Support
  • Referral /Signposting Services
  • Listening Ear
  • Health and Wellness Group 2018
  • Adult Counselling
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Programmes
  • Adult and children’s dance/yoga groups
  • Slimming World classes
  • Womens groups
  • Mens camera Group
  • Horticultural Group
  • Mens Shed
  • Community development initiatives
  • Rural Information Point
  • Local Facility Space for hire
  • Administration and Secretarial services
  • Food Cloud Service
  • Penny Bank
  • Community Café
  • Therapy Room
  • Adult and Community Education


SWWFRC is compliant with the Charities Governance Code 2020

Registered Charity Number : 20027087
CHY Number: CHY10553
Company Number : 178048
Telephone +353 (0) 51 389 418
Facsimilie +353 (0) 51 389 254
Email reception@swwfrc.ie
The Ramsgrange Centre, Ramsgrange
New Ross, Wexford
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